SPRK Music is the Newest Hub for Talented Artists - iLounge
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SPRK Music is the Newest Hub for Talented Artists - iLounge

SPRK Music is an innovative app that aims to be a music social media and video streaming platform in one. Talented artists and those who want to break into the mainstream should download the app so they have a greater chance to be discovered by labels and talent seekers.
Here’s a quick SPRK Music review so you can find out its features and more.
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Sprk Music is a social media platform, streaming music service, and recruitment platform in one neat package. It’s the first kind of app to bring together artists, record labels, and music enthusiasts together.
There’s plenty to do in-app for fans and aspiring musicians alike. Sprk has just enough features that you’d want to download and have the app stay on your phone or tablet.
For Artists
Think of SPRK like streaming sites such as YouTube and Twitch and you’ll get it down pat. Here, you can set up your own virtual shop and upload your content for viewers. Build a fanbase and get discovered by constantly putting out content, or collaborate with other SPRK musicians and form a band or group.
For Music Fans
Music enthusiasts can discover their next favorite artist in-app, with tools and an easy-to-navigate interface leading the way. You can also use Sprk as a social platform to chat with the community and meet like-minded people who are passionate about a genre.
For Industry Scouts
Music labels, concert promoters, and scouts will no longer have to scour YouTube, Twitch, and streaming services such as Apple Music and Spotify to discover new talent. Every artist will have their own music library and profile, which is a kind of portfolio for easy search and connections. You can then reach out and do a one-off to see if it’s the talent you want.
SPRK is a great app with amazing potential. Over time, the app will serve as the hub for musicians and artists, as well as their community. With enough recognition and excellent music those who aspire will have a chance to make it big and appear in a major concert or collaboration with well-known performers and artists.

Haider Ali Khan
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