Stream ADULT. & Planet B's new collaborative two-song single - Brooklyn Vegan
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Stream ADULT. & Planet B's new collaborative two-song single - Brooklyn Vegan

Earlier this year, Planet B bandmates Justin Pearson (also of The Locust, Deaf Club, Dead Cross, etc) and Luke Henshaw had long-running industrial/synthpunk duo ADULT. on an episode of their Cult and Culture podcast, and now Planet B and ADULT. have teamed up for a collaborative two-song 7", "Glass in the Trash" / "Release Me," due January 6 via Justin's Three One G label (pre-order). Both tracks are dark and abrasive yet catchy industrial songs, and Justin's coarse shouts make for a great foil to Nicola Kuperus' haunting, soaring singing voice. ADULT.'s Adam Lee Miller says:
Justin is an intense force… a vocal maniac. An all round sharp human. So when he turned up to a gig of ours with Plack Blague in San Diego (2018) it felt slightly intimidating. After the show, Justin approached us to see if we'd be interested to collaborate with his project Planet B. Throughout the years, various people have asked to collaborate, but the "ask" is generally for a vocal overlay, which to us isn't terribly interesting. But this was unique, this was a back and forth of bits. Then more bits! Beats. Synths. Vocal snippets. Words on paper. To us, this is where the exciting stuff lives. Let's get in there. Get inspired. Get frustrated. Work out how to make it work. It's where the mutation occurs between all of our work and our individual persons. What we all represent and bring to the dialogue. From the tight beats and synths of Luke and the relentless/poetic vocals of Justin. Their combined DIY ethos and love of music!
In our mind, this is the best way to connect, grow and communicate. It is through immersive collaboration, that we get to see the inner, vulnerable place where we all come from. Needless to say, it was an honor to create these two beautiful and wonderfully mangled pieces of music together and can only hope others will feel the energy we felt while making them!
Luke Henshaw adds:
ADULT. are so great at sculpting their craft, so I felt a bit intimidated working with them at first due to my sloppiness & unconventional ways. But they along with my band mates allowed me to stay sloppy and covered up every mistake I made, resulting in a filthy & beautiful sound.
The 7" isn't officially out until the new year, but we're premiering a stream right here. Check it out: