Stream Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness' new song “Skywriting” - Brooklyn Vegan
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Stream Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness' new song “Skywriting” - Brooklyn Vegan

Yesterday, piano-fueled emo vets Something Corporate revealed that they'll be reuniting for the first time in 13 years and playing the 2023 edition of When We Were Young, but Andrew McMahon is staying busy with his Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness project too. We're premiering his new single "Skywriting," which was co-written with K.Flay, and it's unmistakably the work of the Something Corporate/Jack's Mannequin leader, but with glossier, Coachella-pop/millennial whoop vibes. Here's what Andrew says about it:
Creating for a living, you want every song to be your biggest, every lyric to be your best, but in the end, it takes time to know whether or not what you’ve made will outlast you or at least the moment of its creation. When I think about the act of skywriting it really is a perfect metaphor, not just for creating but for living. It’s a big gesture to own a place in the clouds even if it’s just for a moment. To share a bit of yourself on a big stage no matter who looks up to find you there. In the grand scheme of things, what we think will last is, in fact, temporary, so maybe doing something daring and beautiful is really what it’s all about. I came at this song with a sense of freedom. Comforted knowing that for a moment I was sharing a room with friends who wanted to make something together. We danced around the studio, made each other laugh and wrote a song about the wonderful magic trick of existence. Now you see it, now you don’t.
Check out the song and its lyric video right here: