Stream Christmas Music 24/7 in Rochester, MN and Worldwide - Y105FM
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Stream Christmas Music 24/7 in Rochester, MN and Worldwide - Y105FM

One of Rochester, Minnesota's biggest radio stations stopped playing popular songs from the '80s, '90s, and favorites from today.  They have officially flipped the switch to another type of music - Christmas!  (And they've also got Taylor Swift tickets!  If you would love to win those, check out the info below.)
You may not have your Christmas tree up yet or your shopping done for the holidays but one Rochester, Minnesota radio station is ready for the holidays.  Y-105FM flipped the station to Christmas music at 3 pm on November 18th!

Rochester's Christmas Station is back on Y105-FM. That means Christmas music is playing 24/7 until 11:59:59 on Christmas night.  Here are a few easy and free ways that you can listen:
Besides watching the movie "Elf", the best way to spread some Christmas cheer to those you love is by sending them one of the e-cards above. Scroll back through, find one or two that you like and save it on your device.  Then…just send it as a text OR throw it up on your social media.  We DOUBLE DARE you to tag Y-105FM on those posts too and who knows…maybe we've got something fun up our sleeves for people who do.
So how do you get in to see Taylor Swift for free?! Just download the Y105FM mobile app, tap the 'Taylor Swift Tix' button on the home screen, and enter your name in the form.  It is seriously THAT easy to score Taylor Swift tickets.

If you are looking for all of the fun Christmas events, our Holiday Guide has a HUGE list of all the fun that is happening in and around the Rochester, Minnesota area.  One of the most amazing light displays ever is on that list and has a few million Christmas lights to enjoy.  Yes…that was "MILLION".  Check out some of the photos below to get a glimpse of the holiday magic that awaits!