Stream: Jhene Aiko Drops ‘Sleep Soul: Relaxing R&B Baby Sleep Music [Vol. 2]’ Album - ThatGrapeJuice
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Stream: Jhene Aiko Drops ‘Sleep Soul: Relaxing R&B Baby Sleep Music [Vol. 2]’ Album - ThatGrapeJuice

3 years after Coko of SWV caught flack for saying Jhene Aiko‘s music puts people to sleep, the 34-year-old R&B diva has found a creative way to cash in on the notion.

Just a month after delivering a healthy baby boy, Noah Hasani (her first child with GRAMMY-nominated rapper Big Sean), Jhene is delivering new music aimed toward newborns and toddlers.
Titled ‘Sleep Soul Volume 2,’ the 20-track set is loaded with R&B-flavored lullabies like “Relaxated,” “Hypnotized,” “White Noise,” “Beauty Sleep,” and more.
As for Aiko’s actual new music, her being back in mommy-mode to a newborn means fans will likely have to wait awhile before official news drops on the follow-up to 2020’s GRAMMY-nominated Chilombo.’ 
Rumors are swirling that she and beau Sean are working on the follow-up to their chart-topping duet album, ‘Twenty88′ (2016). However, neither party has confirmed if it’s in the works yet (as of time reported).
In the meantime, check out ‘Sleep Soul’ above courtesy of Apple Music.
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Parents, DO NOT BUY IT! Your babies will pick up spirits listening to it. Pray over your kids and rock them to sleep!
I’d want to raise a satanist baby
Good for you baby…
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