Stream the Mind-Blowing Lyric Video for CocoVera's New Single "Casa De La Risa" - Grimy Goods
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Stream the Mind-Blowing Lyric Video for CocoVera's New Single "Casa De La Risa" - Grimy Goods

CocoVera have returned with a new song and lyric video for their latest single “Casa De La Risa,” a gripping rush of frenetic rock that queer duo Alejandra Robles Luna and Janelle Obert have a knack for serving up. Two years ago they released their debut album All’s Well That Ends, which first put on display their shriekingly virulent sonics and even featured a collaboration with fellow rocker Teri Gender Bender. Acerbic in their lyricism and enthralling melodies — which rely on Luna’s fiery percussion and Obert’s cries — “Casa De La Risa” unfolds as a chilling narrative.
Drawn from Luna’s experience at a psychiatric hospital that they were admitted to as a teenager, “Casa De La Risa” (“House of Laughter”) is the name they “cynically” gave to the place at the time. Every piece of the song is directed at recreating the ways they felt mentally trapped by their intrusive thoughts, from its cyclical melodies and brutalizing cacophony to the dead-pan vocals. “Welcome to the House of Laughter / You won’t be the same after,” is the howl that breaks through the bleakness, but even then words of hope fall short. “Welcome to the House of Lies / Where you do what you gotta do to survive.”
“The verses, repetitive and dark, seek to convey the monotony and intensity of intrusive thoughts,” Luna said of the song. “While the choruses, which are more cheerful and ironic, focus on the optimism that comes from acceptance and not from hope. It is this juxtaposition that accentuates the fine line between reason and insanity, creating tension between the two and provoking a battle that, throughout the song, reason loses to madness. The defeat in the face of madness ends up being nothing more than a defense mechanism for not being able to understand my surroundings.”
With every clamorous crash, “Casa De La Risa” reveals CocoVera’s stunning talent for creating epically cathartic rock tracks. Cinematic in breadth and emotionally cavernous in depth — and the music video for the single is just as mind-bendingly affective. Created by Jon Russo in Joshua Tree, CA the lyric video sees the band performing amidst the neon-glow of this desert home completely covered in glow in the dark paint.
It’s at once eerie and inviting, a paradoxical feeling that mirrors the song’s own ironic dualities. And as it continues the scenes get more and more trippy and disorientating — all the more so because of its stop-motion like effects.
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Words by Steven Ward
Listen to “Casa De La Risa” the new single from CocoVera below!

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