Stream The Screamo Elliott Smith Tribute Album 'It's Raining In My Heart' – Stereogum
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Stream The Screamo Elliott Smith Tribute Album 'It's Raining In My Heart' – Stereogum

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Intense, fraught emotions coursed through Elliott Smith’s music. This is true of screamo as well, more or less definitionally. Still, the prospect of a screamo-based Elliott Smith tribute album feels extremely wild.
It’s Raining In My Heart is proof of that particular concept. Curated and released by the screamo-leaning Canadian record label No Funeral, the comp features Elliott Smith covers by 13 bands, many of them emoviolence practitioners. Coma Regalia covering “No Name #5”? Sure, why not. The results help to draw some connective threads between skramz and Smith’s trembling pop, tracing them both back to their DIY punk roots.
Proceeds from the comp go to Art For Aid, “a benefit supplying art supplies to indigenous communities in Canada.” Buy it at Bandcamp and stream it below.
It's Raining In My Heart – A Tribute To Elliott Smith by no funeral records
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