Taeyang's hit single "Vibe" featuring Jimin achieved remarkable … - allkpop
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Taeyang's hit single "Vibe" featuring Jimin achieved remarkable … - allkpop



BTS’ Jimin fulfilled his lifelong dream of working with his favorite idol and senior, BIGBANG’s Taeyang, on a song.

Following the announcement of a collaboration between the two artists, fans have been gearing up for the “biggest collaboration of the year,” and it did not disappoint. On the 11th of January, “Vibe” debuted at number one on the Billboard Hot Trending Songs prior to its release showing much anticipation. The Music Video teaser for the song was released and quickly took over YouTube Trends WorldWide and in over 30 countries.

The song was also noted to have been reserved by over 35 thousand users on China’s leading Digital Music provider QQMusic, as the best-selling for a BTS member, it has since become the first single of the year to sell over 100K units there.

On the 13th of January at 2 AM KST the much-awaited collaborative digital single “VIBE” was released officially. Excited fans immediately went to work, streaming and buying the track on all the available platforms, whilst sending trends high on Twitter WorldWide as an announcement of its release.

“Vibe” debuted on the Spotify Daily Top Global Songs at #12 with 4.8 unfiltered and 3.5 filtered streams, making it the highest charting debut for a Korean collab by a BTS member on the chart. It also earned over 408K streams in the USA, debuting at #71, and ranked 3rd in South Korea and first in Vietnam. The song was also able to achieve more than 70 #1s on iTunes in countries and regions globally on its first day, despite it being unavailable to buy or stream in the whole of the Caribbean.

On YouTube, the Music Video jumped up to the top spot replacing the teaser to trend on YouTube worldwide, keeping the spot for several days. It amassed over 20 Million views on its first day and received hundreds of wonderful reactions on the platform, in addition, Jimin’s first appearance in the video became the most replayed part.

On the Global iTunes Songs chart, it ranked first for the first two days and, was first upon its debut on the European iTunes Songs Chart. On Amazon USA, “Vibe” peaked at #2 on the best sellers in songs, hot new releases, movers and shakers and #1 on best sellers in international and went on to stay in the top 5 for close to six days.

The song got its debut at #61 on the Melon weekly chart despite having been tracked for only two days. The single also entered the Melon weekly top 10 at #10 and, on the Melon daily chart, stayed within the Top 10 for 7 days after setting the record of debuting at #7. The song debuted on Melon with 579.7K streams and 165.3K unique listeners, now, it has 8.3 Million streams and 948K ULs. It also debuted highest for a BTS member while on the Melon 24 hits at #13. “Vibe” was impressive on the Circle Chart, debuting at #1 on the Circle Global Daily K-pop Chart on Jan 13, thus becoming the highest debuted song for Korean male soloists on the Circle’s Streaming, Bell, and Ring charts at #100, #17 and #12 respectively. This was the same on its Global K-pop Chart, debuting at #9, as well as its digital chart, where it amassed 7.7 Million digital points marking the highest debut for a Korean soloist in 2023 so far.

The song stacked up major achievements on several charts globally within its first week of release. On the Spotify Charts Top Songs Debut in the UK weekend of January 13-15, “Vibe” ranked 10th; it debuted Globally at #3 and in the USA at #4. The song debuted on the Australian ARIA Singles chart at #48 and on its New Music Singles Chart at #13, making it both their first solo entry. In neighboring New Zealand, “Vibe” debuted at №8 on the New Zealand Music Charts Hot 40 Singles Chart for the week. The song was also their first entry onto the UK Official Singles Chart at #96, the highest spot for Asian soloists this year. On the Official Singles Sales Chart and Downloads Chart ranked “Vibe” 4th, “With You” by Jimin and Sungwoon earlier charted on the Downloads chart at #5 and the Sales chart at #8.

On the week of January 13-19, Spotify Top Songs Globally “Vibe” was 32nd with over 16.4 million streams; it debuted on Spotify weekly Top Songs USA #182 with 1.8 Million streams and in South Korea #3 with 246K streams. Jimin debuted in South Korea at #12 on the Top Artists Chart. On the Top K-pop Global Chart, “Vibe” was 3rd as the highest new entry on the chart with 3.5 Million streams. “Vibe” debuted at №4 on the weekly YouTube Global Top Songs Chart with 38.7 Million views and #3 on the Top Music Videos Chart with 33.5 Million views. It also debuted in South Korea in the 3rd position with 4.18 Million views. The song performed as follows on the biggest music markets: Japan #7 with 3.3 Million views, #8 in Australia with 247K views, #17 USA with 2.66 Million views, #26 in the UK with 368K, and in France #57 amassing 397K views, along with debuting on YouTube in 51 countries worldwide including Uganda, Panamá, Russia and more.

In Japan, “Vibe” debuted at №35 with 2,240 points on the Billboard Hot 100, rising to №32 on the 25th. This ensured Jimin a second entry after “With You,” ranked at position 72. It was also 3rd on the Billboard Japan download songs as still the highest entry for both artists. It also ranked 1st upon release on the country’s Oricon Daily Singles Chart, as well as topping all its Amazon music categories. In Europe, “Vibe” was the №97 song for the Weekly chart on Spotify in Romania; it was #199 in Lithuania and #102 in Bulgaria as well. “Vibe” was 9th on the IMI (India Music Industry) International Top 20 Singles Chart, among other chart rankings.

As of writing, the song has 100 #1s on iTunes WorldWide as the first and only song to achieve the feat in 2023. It has also surpassed 31 Million streams on Spotify. On YouTube “Vibe” Music Video captivated many with now 59 Million views, 6.2 Million views on the official audio, and 8 Million views on the live clip released on the 19th. The song has surpassed 90K Shazams and continues to trend on Apple Music Top 100 in 12 countries.

The song, which was released during a competitive period with big global artists, set impressive records on the Billboards charts. As a result of its 20K sales and 4.2 Million streams in the United States, the song ranked №76 on Billboard Hot 100 Chart. With this milestone, BTS Jimin earns his first entry as a soloist after ‘Filter’ debuted at #87 in 2020, and Taeyang earns his first-ever entry. It is also the first song by Korean soloists to debut on the Hot 100 in 2023 and is Jimin’s first track for which he participated in composing to debut on the said chart.

“Vibe” also charted on the Billboard 200, excluding the United States chart, at №9 for garnering 22K sales and 40.2 Million streams in regions outside the United States. It also ranked first on Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales Chart. It enjoyed the second biggest sales week of 2023 in the United States at #2 on the Digital Song Sales Chart as well, previously, “With You” was at #1. “Vibe” ranked 12th on the Global 200 Chart, and on the Billboard LyricFind Global took the 16th spot. In Canada, it was reported that Jimin got his first entry into its Billboard Hot 100 chart at #59 with “Vibe” and his second entry into its Digital Song Sales Chart still at #4, just like “With You” also ranked. Jimin also reached a new peak of #12 on Billboard’s Emerging Artists Chart on his second non-consecutive week on the chart. “Vibe” also appeared in 7 regions on the Billboard Hits of the World Chart.

“Vibe” was privileged to elicit a lot of wonderful reactions from the public as well as media outlets, especially regarding its achievements.  Personalities like Billboard’s online host Tetris Kelly, PopSugar’s Senior Editor for TV & Film Noelle Devoe, WHO Media monitoring & Social Media Head Sari Setiogi Griberg, Ateez’ Kim HongJoong and more have expressed their love for the song. It was even played during the ending credits of the tvN comedy show ‘Comedy Big League‘, the show also featured Jimin’s “Filter” as the background music. On Instagram, “Vibe” has been used in over 47K reels and has amassed 218 Million views from uses of its sound in over 149K videos.

Congratulations to Taeyang and Jimin!
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Congratulations Jimin and Taeyang!

VIBE is an overwhelming success for both legendary artists. Congratulations Jimin and Taeyang!