The Chisel & Mess Release Vengefully Catchy New Split EP: Stream – Stereogum
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The Chisel & Mess Release Vengefully Catchy New Split EP: Stream – Stereogum

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For the past couple of years, the UK punks in the Chisel have been making hard-driving, heart-filling oi anthems. Every song from the Chisel sounds like it’s been around for your entire life, and all of the make for massive fists-up singalongs. Last year, the Chisel released their full-length debut Retaliation, and it ruled. This past weekend, the Chisel followed that LP with a new split 7″, which they shared with the Mexican band Mess.
Mess are from Guadalajara, and they channel the same old-school street-punk sounds as the Chisel. I guess I never considered the possibility of there being oi bands in Mexico, but that’s clearly my own parochial thinking at work. Mess have been around for a couple of years, and they’ve released the EPs Intercity and Fuego, Fuego, Fuego. The new split 7″ has two songs apiece from both bands, and all four songs rip. Mess sing in English, with at least a hint of that bark-it-out British accent, and these four songs sound like they could’ve easily come from the same band. It can’t be easy for another band to hang with the Chisel, but Mess are right in there. Stream the split below.
Split by The Chisel / Mess
The Chisel/Mess split is out now on Beach Impediment Records.
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