The little-known British band trying to compete with music streaming giants - Nine Shows
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The little-known British band trying to compete with music streaming giants - Nine Shows

Spotify made almost $20 billion last year, yet the streaming giant still pays artists just 0.04 cents per play.
It's been enough for big-name artists like Adele, Taylor Swift and Neil Young to protest, but one little-known British band is out to do something about it.
The Pocket Gods have released more than 50 albums since forming in 1998.
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While they have never made it big, they have managed to make a living.
But band founder Mark Lee said that is becoming impossible for emerging, young musicians.
So he and his bandmates have decided to make just one copy of their latest album, which they want to sell for $2 million.
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"With the proceeds of that sale we're going to set up our own ethical streaming service where we're gonna pay artists at least one penny (about 1.8 cents) per stream, which doesn't sound very much but it's 50 times what Spotify and Apple (Music) pay," Lee said.
They haven't had any firm offers, but they've had some interesting inquiries including one from someone who may or may not be Elon Musk.
"We've had a weird email from someone called Elton Mathers, it sounds like a made-up name to me and he's expressed some interest, (he) said he lives abroad," Lee said.
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The big names he believes could be "Elton Mathers" include "Elton John, Marshall Mathers" and "Elon Musk maybe".
"He's got plenty of money. I know he's just bought Twitter but he might have a bit of spare change in his back pocket," Lee said.
If the album sells, watch out for NubPlay – a streaming service with the songwriters in mind.
Spotify says streaming is the biggest driver of growth in the music industry and with 100,000 tracks added every day, it is giving more artists the chance to get their music out there.
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