The Young Artist Cameron Seaton Is Going To Release His Debut Song 'Hold A Feeling' - Daily Music Roll
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The Young Artist Cameron Seaton Is Going To Release His Debut Song 'Hold A Feeling' - Daily Music Roll

‘Hold a Feeling’, the debut is about to release of the rising hip-hop artist Cameron Seaton. The news of dropping the song has created a buzz among all the listeners.
Cameron SeatonCameron Seaton
Emerging artist Cameron Seaton is all set to drop his debut song. This young and talented artist is a passionate singer who is determined to build his career in the music industry. With the new single titled ‘Hold a Feeling’ the artist is trying to showcase his creative talent. From the very of his career, the artist is creating songs from his own experience. This independent musician has solely created and recorded the song. His debut track is produced by Lucas Mclaughin also known as LUCASQUINN. The profound track is all ready to create a unique image of him. This R&B and hip-hop artist is going to spread his musical charm.

In the soundscape ‘Hold a Feeling’, this artist has depicted his feeling toward his loved one. With this different kind of presentation, the musician is creating a whole different vibe with it. All the music enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for this new release. This piece of art is a presentation of the artist’s honest feelings. He is starting out his career at an early age, this way he is inspiring all his fellow musicians. The artist is coming with such passion and zeal it won’t be wrong to say that he is going to set an example in the industry with his crafts. This song is going to release on the 23rd of May which is the birth date of the artist. The song is going to be released on all the major music streaming platforms. To know more about his upcoming work, follow Cameron Seaton on Facebook and Instagram.
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