There Is Growing Sentiment That Coolio's Death Wasn't An Accident, But A Murder, To Silence Him From Exposing "Shady Music Industry Executives" - Barstool Sports
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There Is Growing Sentiment That Coolio's Death Wasn't An Accident, But A Murder, To Silence Him From Exposing "Shady Music Industry Executives" - Barstool Sports

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Media Take Out - Rapper Coolio died suddenly yesterday. Paramedics suspect that the otherwise healthy 59 year old rapper died from a massive heart attack. 
But without a full autopsy, Media Take Out can’t confirm what caused the rapper’s sudden premature death.
And while there are millions of fans expressing well wishes and condolences on social media, Media Take Out spoke with one person who was close with the rapper – who thinks the timing of his death is very coincidental.
You see, last month Coolio began a campaign where he was attempting to organize artists – in particular hip hop artists – to rally against the streaming music platforms. Coolio believed that artists – particularly Black artists – were being systematically underpaid for their contribution to music.
In a video interview last month, Coolio described the movement that he was starting – and he sounded pretty committed to taking on the billion dollar corporations behind the multiple streaming platforms.
Last week, Coolio suddenly passed away at the age of 59.
He was only 59, and in relatively good health. 
He was hanging out with his friends, went to use the bathroom, and never came out. His friends opened the door and found him on the floor, dead from what doctors determined was cardiac arrest.
Since then, there have been videos, like the one above floating around and gaining traction, that support the claim that Coolio was murdered, because he knew too much and needed to be silenced.

“There’s strength in numbers. The more numbers that you have of like-minded people doing things that they think is important – then you have power.”
Coolio continued, “That’s something that I’m going to have to speak up on, and we’ll see who gives a fuck.”
“When you feel strongly enough about something, you try it anyway . . . and who knows if it’s going to work.”

Now when was the last time a celebrity (even a quasi-celebrity) passed away and the conspiracy theorists didn’t conclude that it was the work of the cabal, or the Illuminati, or the Clintons? I can’t tell you. (Hell, even that rapper PnB Rock died (yah, exactly) a couple weeks ago and they claimed he was a satanic sacrifice)

I’m not even going to begin to get into the whole gematria thing. These people twist and manipulate numbers corresponding to letters to reach conclusions they claim links murders and other important dates symbolically. If you want to go down a really crazy rabbit hole google that stuff.
But back to Coolio. 
I loved the guy just as much as the average person did. Aside from wreaking havoc on “blondes begging for meat sauce” with Virgil, he seemed like a very down-to-Earth guy.
For fucks sakes, he masterminded the Nickelodeon theme song for Keenan & Kel.

How bad could he have been?
To that point, I’m not exactly sure Coolio was the type of guy to be shown what and who is really behind the curtain pulling the strings. Maybe I’m wrong, in which case I’ll be the first to say so, I just can’t picture this guy being let in on the occult secrets of the world by the secret societies and shadow people who really truly run shit.
Now, do I think he had knowledge of some very secretive and unknown shit that goes on in the music industry? 

The guy was a major player in the rap scene in the 90s, and was still very involved, and vocal up until his dying days.
Up until recently, he was even going on radio dj’s like Akademics’ podcasts alluding to big-time rappers who had gotten and kept record deals because they were sleeping with powerful execs.
In a few instances, he alluded to “seeing things” at events, parties, and behind closed doors in offices “that would definitely get him killed” if he were to reveal them. Classic boogie-man talk.
In other instances, he was adamant that Africans inhabited North America (and the rest of the world), before any other people, and that history has been erased and rewritten. Not the first person to make that claim, or the last.

And of course, everybody’s favorite conspiracy theory- andrenochrome.
Who would have thought that this guy would hold the secrets to who really runs the world? And would have lost his life because of it? R.I.G.P. Coolio.

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