TikTok: How to get your music viral - tips to win the fierce competition - We Rave You
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TikTok: How to get your music viral - tips to win the fierce competition - We Rave You

Some will say that in today’s world, it is easy to become a famous singer like never before with apps like TikTok and Instagram. In contrast, others will argue that getting popular on the Internet is extremely hard due to the massive competition on all social media. Both of these groups are partially right – it is not easy to become famous overnight, but if you can catch this wave of Internet virality, then your life can be changed forever.
If you are a musician who is dreaming about making it big on the app, we are here to help you! Read this ultimate guide to getting famous on TikTok with your songs. You will also find out about the inspirational stories of other musicians.
Everyone needs a little help at the beginning of their TikTok career path, so buying cheap followers for Tik Tok will definitely serve you right.
Undoubtedly, this platform is one of the most used and loved ones in the world today that even bypassed Instagram. With almost a million users, it can become an excellent platform for promoting your tracks. But how to pave your way to success and gain many followers who will become your loyal fans? Read on to find out the best tips.
We bet your sounds are great, but TikTok is all about visuals in the first place. So in order to make your songs viral and gain more followers, you need to create really interesting and high-quality video content.
It can be the process of song-making or a piece of your future video clip. Just make sure that it is visually appealing so that you can catch the attention of your potential audience just as on Instagram.
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The best and probably fastest way to get viral on this platform and gain many followers for TikTok is to join the hottest trends. They appear almost every day. So, your task is:
Videos on trendy topics have more chances to appear on the FYP page, and as a result, your work gets a fantastic promotion and many fans.
The best part of music is that you can find like-minded followers for TikTok and create something unique together. First of all, you will get one more great song on your future album. Secondly, working with someone’s favorite musician, you increase your chances of being heard and appreciated.
As a musician looking to get their songs viral, the best thing you can do is to use ads. TikTok Ads are a great method to get your songs in front of a large audience as:
This will considerably increase your chances of being noticed by people who will enjoy your songs and share them with their friends, making them viral. There are better ways to get more followers for TikTok but definitely an effective one.
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A few decades ago, it was hard to imagine that you could become a popular singer just by posting your songs on the Internet. People had to visit several auditions, look for ways to get in touch with renowned music producers, or even sing on the streets.
But the times have changed, and these amazing success stories confirm this. Perhaps, you can find something useful for your songs promotion by reading them.
You’ve definitely heard this amazingly viral song Old Town Road that took over TikTok 3 years ago. Starting off on the platform, eventually, this song hit the charts and even appeared on Billboard Hot 100. Montero Hill, aka Lil Nas X, did not lose momentum and continued to release bangers that got millions of views.
The secret of his popularity lies not only in great music but also in his amazing sense of humor. He’s been known by quite an enclosed circle of people on other social media as a flamboyant Internet personality, but TikTok really became the cornerstone of his popularity which is not lost until today. Maybe the variety of content was that thing that followers needed so much.
Olivia Rodrigo became famous as a musician precisely due to her popularity on the platform. She first gained attention and TikTok followers for her lip-syncing videos, which led to her amassing a large following on the app. In 2012, her song Driver’s License became viral, which boosted her music career immensely.
She has since become known for her original songs and comedic skits, which have further boosted her popularity. In addition to her online fame, Rodrigo has also taken part in a few television shows and movies, which has helped her to transition into mainstream success.
Even though Melissa Jefferson started her career almost a decade ago, it’s the app that allowed her to share her music and message with a broad audience, and she quickly amassed a large following and gained the desired fame.
Her positive and uplifting songs resonated with many people, and she quickly stood in line with the most famous artists on the app. Her success with TikTok followers led to her music being featured on other popular streaming services, such as Spotify, and she has now become one of the most prosperous musicians in the world.
Even though you have heard her name before TikTok, Doja Cat’s popularity can be primarily attributed to this app too. The social media platform has helped her reach a wider audience, many followers, and gain exposure to her music. Her catchy songs and unique style have resonated with users of the app, resulting in her becoming one of the most famous artists on the internet.
Despite the fact that she has already been quite a renowned singer, thanks to the app, Doja Cat has been able to achieve mainstream success and become one of the most talked-about artists in the world music industry, and gain many TikTok followers.
Megan Thee Stallion is one more singer who was already known and loved by fans, but she definitely owes her world fame and followers to TikTok. She first gained attention in 2019 with the release of her single Hot Girl Summer, which went viral on the app. She has since released several other singles, including Body, Cash Shit, and Savage, which have all been commercially successful.
In 2020, she released her debut album, which gained terrific popularity due to the fact that most of the songs were already viral on TikTok. Megan became the only female rapper to have an album debut in the top two of the Billboard chart. Megan’s rise to fame proves the power of social media, and she is now one of the greatest names in the music industry.
If you’re hoping to get your music viral on TikTok and get many followers, be patient. It takes much time to build up a following on the app and even longer to get your content to start trending.
But if you’re consistently putting out high-quality, creative content, your hard work will eventually pay off, and you’ll start to see your songs take off on TikTok. In the meantime, keep at it, and don’t give up!
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