Top 8 Online Music Streaming Platforms That Offer High-Res Audio Quality – Daily Music Roll
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Top 8 Online Music Streaming Platforms That Offer High-Res Audio Quality – Daily Music Roll

Author : Charles Edward
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The music industry is continually growing with an increasing number of musical content and music artists. Another element that has become significantly important for both the listeners and the artist is the online music streaming platforms. While these platforms offer endless access to various kinds of music around the world in exchange for a nominal monthly fee; not every music platform works in a similar way or offers the same quality of music.
There are multiple music streaming platforms available online but not all of them offer that exceptional listening experience. Based on the clarity and quality of music, a list of the top 8 music streaming platforms is given below.
This Radio platform stands out among all since allows one to listen to free radio stations online. However, it does not have a wide and dynamic catalog of streamable music collections. One of the best parts of this platform is that it offers concert recordings which are very appealing to audiophiles. It offers a concert-like musical appearance through your earphones.
YouTube Music
YouTube MusicYouTube Music
Similar to Google Play Music, YouTube music also focuses on each user’s activity to recommend the exact songs they would like. YouTube Music streams at 256kbps which is not very appealing and also it does not come with a hi-res option to switch. However, one this that makes this platform stand out is its intelligent algorithm that utilizes the time and location of the person and suggests exactly what they are looking for. It also lets users find songs based on the lyrics.

Amazon Music Unlimited
Amazon Music UnlimitedAmazon Music Unlimited
This is a new emerging music streaming platform in the market which is still catering to the attention of global listeners. Though it is not as popular as Spotify and SoundCloud, it is one of the cheapest music streaming options available on the platform. The price gets even lower for Amazon Prime Users. The platform offers an HD service with a CD quality bitrate of up to 24bit 192kHz streaming. The music catalog is still limited but it is continuously growing.
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SoundCloud has been reigning in the market for many years now and it is all because of its highly affordable plans. Emerging music artists can easily upload their music on this platform at a relatively low cost. Thus, it promotes rising talents. However, the platform’s limitation is set at 256kbps AAC which is the standard level for most other music platforms. However, the quality can improve with the monthly subscription plan.

Spotify is currently the most dominant music platform across the world due to its accessibility and huge selection of songs. However, the platform streams at a maximum AAC 320 kbps even for the paid and premium packages. The sound quality on the platform is perhaps not that appealing but its curation and recommendations are definitely engaging. Tailored to each listener’s individual liking, Spotify keeps suggesting songs. Spotify Hi-Fi will be coming soon to offer hi-res music for everyone.
Apple Music
Apple MusicApple Music
Apple Music is the favorite streaming platform for many and mostly their iOS user. However, this dynamic music platform is compatible with all kinds of electronic devices. It also allows syncing other members such as friends and family under the same plan. As far as the audio quality is concerned, Apple Music streams music at 256 kbps which is not that bad for a regular listener. However, audiophiles might catch the difference in quality. Even though its audio quality is not remarkable, the platform excels in its interface and recommendation algorithms.
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Deezer utilizes the FLAC audio codec in order to play high-fidelity sound just like professional studios. It offers a Hi-Fi membership option that allows you to play 1,411 kbs lossless audio at 16-bit, similar to original CDs. Perhaps the sound quality is not the finest but Deezer’s pricing system is definitely cheaper than most other platforms. It is highly affordable for all kinds of listeners. The platform also offers a free trial service for newcomers to have a better idea of the track.
If you are looking for the best sound quality, Tidal is the best option to proceed with. Focused on its sound quality, the platform offers a lossless audio experience, unlike any other streaming platform. The platform comes with a standard option with a balance between data usage and sound fidelity. However, upgrading to the master package with a fast internet connection can provide unbroken sound quality with the highest possible streaming quality that any platform can provide. It Hi-res package offers 9216kbps at 24 bits. Tidal uses a breakthrough audio codec called Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) that offers studio-quality music right through your earphones.

Online music streaming has become an integral part of daily life where listeners can have access to a variety of music of various qualities as well. Check out the aforementioned platforms and enjoy each musical experience to opt for what suits your ear and budget.
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