Travis Japan sign with Capitol Music Group, to debut on global streaming - Bandwagon
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Travis Japan sign with Capitol Music Group, to debut on global streaming - Bandwagon

Travis Japan is set to debut next month!
The seven-member group from Johnny & Associates (J&A) has signed with Capitol Music Group (CMG), a division of Universal Music Group (UMG), to release their first commercial single on global streaming platforms on 28 October 2022
They will be the first J&A act to have a major debut online. 
Named after renowned choreographer Travis Payne, who helped put the group together, Travis Japan has been capturing hearts in their home country since 2012. For many years, they had participated in and held multiple concerts and stage productions in Japan, under the guidance of their seniors in the company. Early this year, the boys set out on their very own adventure to the USA, where they endeared themselves to new audiences through their participation in the World of Dance Championships and unforgettably dazzling run on America’s Got Talent.

The hard work Travis Japan has displayed through these combined experiences has made their longtime fans at home and abroad proud, and earned the respect of the industry peers and professionals they have encountered throughout their American adventure thus far. Now, they are taking off on another grand journey as pioneers in Johnny & Associates’ new age. 
Julie K. Fujishima, President of Johnny & Associates, said of this development, “Ever since the founding of our company 60 years ago, we have created and sent our boy bands off in Japan. Today, for the first time ever, we are so thrilled to announce Travis Japan’s worldwide debut with Capitol Music Group. We are excited to embrace this new chapter of our legacy and overcome new challenges and accomplishments that come along our way. We hope to take you all on this exciting and amazing journey and deliver our Johnny’s entertainment spirit to fans all over the world!”
Streaming October 28th, 2022!#HollywoodTJ #WorldwideTJ


The members also shared their thoughts on their upcoming debut: 
“The cherished goal of Travis Japan, a major debut, has finally come to fruition! We are grateful for all those who have supported us, especially our fans! Now we embark ever further upon our Dreamy Journey to the world!” - Kaito ‘Chika’ Miyachika
“We are realizing one dream, but we will keep going to the next.” - Ryuya ‘Shime’ Shimekake
“We have but one life to live, and from the bottom of our hearts we are happy to be sharing ours for the happiness and dreams of all!” - Noeru ‘Noel’ Kawashima 
“We now get to spread joy in the name of Travis Japan to all the world!” - Shizuya ‘Shizu’ Yoshizawa
“I hope to carve out across the world a new era as the unique challengers we of Travis Japan are.” - Kaito ‘Machu’ Matsukura
“Travis Japan will do it! We are going to achieve Johnny-san’s Dream!” - Genta ‘G’ Matsuda
Watch the highlights from Travis Japan’s US adventure on their brand new YouTube channel:

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