Viberate Disrupts the Music Industry by Making Data Affordable for … - Digital Music News
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Viberate Disrupts the Music Industry by Making Data Affordable for … - Digital Music News

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viberate music analytics
The following comes from Viberate, a company DMN is proud to be partnering with.
For the past couple of years, data was the strongest tool of the music industry’s power players – enabling them to discover promising talent, identify trends, and analyze their activities. However, access to high-quality analytics has mostly been a privilege for those who could afford them. For most artists and indie labels, access to comprehensive services was too expensive.
Viberate’s co-founder, Vasja Veber: “Up until now, Viberate as well as other data analytics services were priced similarly, and we all catered to the wealthier, more established clients. We did offer a free tier, but we noticed that artists especially desperately wanted more data. Some of them even went as far as creating tens of different emails to keep using our free weekly trial. Reducing the price from $129 to only $9.90 per month might seem scary for us, but it also feels like the right thing to do. If we want the entire industry to prosper, we need to provide the tools at an affordable price. Streaming services nailed the price range and revolutionized how we consume music today. Now, we are doing the same for music data.”
vasja veber viberate music analytics
The music data analytics platform also started the year by rolling out what’s currently the market’s most powerful artist chart. It provides a cross-channel ranking of every artist out there and features filters to help you find exactly the artists you’re looking for – by trending parameters, genre, subgenre, country, performance on specific channels, timeframe, and even by setting the fanbase size and ranking range. Viberate’s chart was created to simplify the way A&Rs discover new talent, event organizers find the right artists for their event, and generally, the way that music professionals benchmark the artists they’re following.



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