VTubers Are Taking Over The Music Industry – EarlyGame
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VTubers Are Taking Over The Music Industry – EarlyGame

VTubers are becoming more and more popular as of lately. Now, after streaming, it seems they are even conquering the music industry.
VTubing is an inherently creative way of streaming. The way the avatars are designed and portrayed takes a lot of attention to detail and artistic way of thinking. I guess it makes sense, then, that some VTubers are branching out into the music industry that also requires a lot of creativity.

Regarding the history of VTubing, it pretty much evolved from a musical performance type of content, as Kizuna AI, one of the first VTubers, was a virtual performer. So yeah, VTubing and performing and singing are connected since the very beginning.
Some other VTubers might use those performance talents for evil, though:
Also, VTubers can do pretty much everything other streamers can, besides IRL meet-and-greets, so there are obviously going to be some that can and will sing.

The big advantage, VTubing has in that regard, is that they can use their avatar to broadcast themselves. So social anxiety etc. won’t hit that hard, I guess. Many VTubers, like Ironmouse, talked about, how VTubing helped them push through their insecurities and health issues. Nana Asteria is a similar case, becoming a VSinger, even though in the beginning she was a pretty bad at it, even calling herself tone-deaf.
Obviously, with this she wasn’t really comfortable putting her face out there as an artist, even though she had a passion for music and got more comfortable, after starting to sing in Japanese. But, I guess, she still needed that Vtuber avatar to give her that extra confidence or distance, to give it a try.
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Right now, there are big role models in the music industry, like Hololive, NIJISANJI and VShojo, that are performing in music videos, streams and even live on stage via screen or hologram. It’s crazy how far technology has come in that regard. This allows VTuber performers to break into the mainstream, taking over concert halls in Japan and worldwide and getting record deals.

You could also be meeting characters from your favorite animated movie with this technology in the near future:

Hololive’s Mori Calliope even signed a record deal with Universal Music, showing that being a VTuber musician can now actually be a lucrative option. The blend of virtual possibilities and the ability to bring those into “reality” seem to be in hot demand, as even Riot kinda jumped onto that idea with their virtual bands, like KD/A, Pentakill and more.

So yeah, virtual bands are becoming more and more popular as there are limitless possibilities in design, performance etc. that are not bound to reality. With technology reaching new heights pretty much every day, we might see some absolutely realistic looking Vtubers soon that can also perform on stage via hologram. In the near future, VTuber groups like Hololive may just turn into idols on par with big BTS.
Please make a big ass realistic looking dragon VTuber that does death metal. That would be sick!

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