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What is Spotify Upside Down playlist and where to find it? - HITC - Football, Gaming, Movies, TV, Music

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If you’re racking your brains over a “savior song” that can help you escape Vecna, Spotify has it all set for you!
The streaming service has teamed up with Netflix to create the Upside Down playlist to help you survive in Hawkins if your buddies ever find you evading a villain, just like Max Mayfield used Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill to escape on the show.”
So, let us tell you what the new feature is and where you can find it.
The Spotify Upside Down list is a playlist on the streaming service created especially for you in collaboration with Netflix.
The list is created based on your recent favorite picks, as in the songs you have listened to the most and best ones from the show itself.
The list updates automatically each day and the track you find on the top of your playlist is your “savior song”.
Furthermore, new songs will be added to the list on July 1, 2022, when Volume 2 of Stranger Things‘ season 4 drops.
Spotify came out with a playlist for “The Upside Down” that would help you escape from Vecna and I’m here for it
The playlist can be found on your profile by just clicking here. If you’re already logged into your account, you’re directed to the playlist.
The current playlist consists of 50 songs.
Don’t you worry if you lose your playlist, as the same can be found on the Netflix hub on Spotify. You can click here to access it.
Fans of Stranger Things and Spotify users couldn’t be more thrilled about the latest feature.
One impressed user noted: “My Upside Down Spotify playlist lowkey slayed!”
“Heft by Japanese breakfast being in the ‘upside down playlist’ that spotify created for me is so?!! I would just cry,” wrote another.
One tweet read: “Wow Spotify has a personalized Upside Down playlist. Well, turns out my first song is SITR, Jeong Jin-sol really be saving my life”
Another user said: “Spotify have made an Upside Down playlist of your favourite songs??? That’s so cool”



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