Yves Tumor Questions a Higher Power on New Single “God Is a Circle”: Stream – Consequence
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Yves Tumor Questions a Higher Power on New Single “God Is a Circle”: Stream – Consequence

The artist's first new music of 2022
Yves Tumor returns today with the hypnotic single “God Is a Circle,” their first new music of 2022. Along with its release comes the eerie music video directed by Jordan Hemingway.
Though you can still hear traces of their usual experimental rock side, “God Is a Circle” sees Yves Tumor lean more into a heavier, punkier sound. Lyrically, the song seems to meditate on the woes of existing in a corporeal form: Is there something greater out there, and if so, how does it interact with us mere mortals? “Sometimes/ It feels like/ There’s places in my mind that I can’t go/ There’s people in my life I still don’t know, yeah/ Wander ’round I just feel like a ghost in a well,” Yves Tumor sings in the opening lines, his voice low and brooding over propulsive drums and sound effects that mimic the unsettling feeling of an unknown presence breathing right by your ear.
Have you ever wandered what the Backstreet Boys’ music video for “Everybody” would look like if it were a ’70s arthouse film? It might look somewhat like the video for “God Is a Circle,” which is just as creepy as the song’s lyrics. It begins with Yves Tumor’s body being dug up from underground before they then go join a group of evil nuns (?) for dinner — and it just gets darker from there. Check out the video for Yves Tumor’s “God Is a Circle” below.
Yves Tumor’s last full-length was Heaven to a Tortured Mind, which we named one of the best albums of 2020. Since then, they’ve shared the single “Jackie” as well as the EP The Asymptotical World.


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