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Cola (Ex-Ought, US Girls) Share Origins of New Song “Degree”: Exclusive - Consequence

The latest advanced listen at the trio's upcoming debut album, Deep in View
Our new music series Origins provides artists a platform to reveal everything that went into their latest release. Today, Cola turn things up a “Degree.”
Later this month we’ll be given our first listen at a full-length effort from Cola, the new band formed from the ashes of Ought. Guitarist/vocalist Tim Darcy and bassist Ben Stidworthy are joined by U.S. Girls drummer Evan Cartwright in the project, and their Deep in View debut LP arrives May 20th via Fire Talk Records. Ahead of the release, the trio are sharing one more advanced single from the effort: “Degree.”
Like lead track “Blank Curtain,” “Degree” is a pleasantly chugging post-punk cut. Cartwright notes that his beat was meant “to feel like the opening and closing of a mechanical valve” acting like “a stiff regulator” against the guitar riff’s “relentless propulsion.” Of this driving instrumentation, Darcy sings of the constant adjustment one makes between moments of peace and moments of daily realities. “Have you been to the movies lately? Did you read the marquee?” goes the opening verse. “It’s not even started and there is a push to leave.”
“The character in ‘Degree’ is cycling in and out of these dreamscape states (movie theater, meditation, etc) and then trying to catch up to something in their day to day life,” explains Darcy. “I picture what it feels like running to catch the bus when you’re in a daze and suddenly have to sprint.”
Take a listen to “Degree” via its official music video below, followed by Cola’s complete Origins of the track.
Cola are set to support Deep in View on a full US tour this June and July, followed by UK dates in August and September. Snag yourself some tickets here.

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