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SECRET RULE – “Obsession” Music Video Streaming -

May 17, 2022, 23 hours ago
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Italian heavy rockers Secret Rule have released a video for their brand new single “Obsession” taken from the upcoming album The Resilient out on June 17th. This tune is a high-energy mid-time song, heavy and dramatic with an addictive chorus that shows the diversity of Secret Rule’s musical progression.

The band themselves describes it as follows.
Angela says: “This song is for all those fighters out there who have kept resisting these last two years, somehow. This society keeps putting us in front of difficult choices that could change our life completely. And the question is: do we have to keep fighting even if this could cut us off from society, or is it better to bow our heads and stick to the rules so as not to have problems? Any option would be understandable, we’re living in an unfair world, and each of us knows what is ready to lose. We’re here to give strength to everyone and speak to our community with no filters. But we can’t pretend everything is going well.”
Andy’s statement: “We worked hard on the music video, and we’re proud of the result.
“Today it’s always more difficult to distinguish real life from virtual life, that always blends more. And also, our rights are becoming something virtual, that someone can cancel fast with the button ‘Delete’. This is awful.”

“One More” will be included in the upcoming album The Resilient out on June 17.
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Secret Rule will promote the new album on tour in May and July.

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