GTA Online players could soon make their own music for radio stations - Dexerto
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GTA Online players could soon make their own music for radio stations - Dexerto

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Rockstar Games are expected to announce major changes to GTA Online’s radio stations, with new music being added.
While the Grand Theft Auto community may be sniffing around for more GTA 6 reveal clues, it appears there’s still much more to come from the current installment’s online mode.
As an extension of The Contract update, popular Rockstar leaker Tez2 has reported that the business of making music will soon lead to a major shakeup in the way radios work in the game.
In an exclusive WhatIfGaming article, Tez2 stated: “Rockstar’s next grand idea for music? 
“As per a reliable source, Rockstar will let players come up with their own mixes and beats in Grand Theft Auto Online.”
The report cites a move from Take-Two in October 2020, when the publisher decided to register a domain by the name of ‘’ and drew comparisons to the 2009 platform, Beaterator, which allowed players to make their own loops.
"Rapponator"A newer music mixer in development by Rockstar? Possible collaboration with Dr.Dre?
Music stars have been featuring more and more in recent major updates for GTA Online, with the likes of Dr. Dre and DJ Pooh appearing in the Cayo Perico heist.
Tez2 claims that a number of clues were found in the code of the Criminal Enterprises update, hinting toward functions for DJ tracks.
They also said: “Within the game files of the Contract update, Dr. Dre’s VIP Contract is referred to as the first VIP Contract, suggesting a second VIP Contract may arrive in the future.”
This information has not yet been confirmed by Rockstar Games and – as is the case with any leak – should be taken with a pinch of salt until things are unwrapped officially. That said, not many GTA sources have the reputation of Tez2, so watch this space.