Hollywall Entertainment Inc. (HWAL) Using Vast Music rights catalog to Build Networks, Revenues and Closing the Digital Divide - Yahoo Finance
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Hollywall Entertainment Inc. (HWAL) Using Vast Music rights catalog to Build Networks, Revenues and Closing the Digital Divide - Yahoo Finance

WASHINGTON, DC / ACCESSWIRE / November 2, 2022 / Hollywall Entertainment Inc. (OTC PINK:HWAL), ("Hollywall," "HWAL" or "The Company"), an entertainment media and broadcasting, multi-faceted telecommunications, technology, and sports NIL and programming company, is using its music catalog rights to expand the Company's revenues and develop innovative technology systems to provide real time royalty payments to music writers, publishers and performing artists.
The Company's holdings include the rights to a catalog of over 17,500 master recordings performed by music legends ranging from Ray Charles to Rod Stewart
The Company has been successful in licensing and realizing revenue from its Music Catalog and is seeking and reviewing strategic relations to expand sales and licensing of its expansive music library.
As of December 2019, the company's music library was valued at $146 million.
The music industry has witnessed an upsurge in music catalog acquisitions by investment and management firms and leading music companies
Hollywall Entertainment Inc. is a technology and broadcasting company using an enormous variety of resources under its corporate umbrella to extend wireless and broadband networks and related services across the country
Hollywall is also using its music catalog to enter the world of blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens ("NFTs"), which has a market cap of about $31.4 billion, according to a recent report by Blockworks OpenSea Polygon NFT Sales On Track to Hit 2.2M by End of January - Blockworks rising astronomically from $80 million just a few years ago.
Hollywall is dedicated to extending its networks to underserved or unserved communities, with a vision of improving access to technology and thereby improving socio-economic equality for opportunities and achievements
As stated in the article US Morgan Stanley research compares radio and music streaming audiences (radiotoday.com.au) "MRC Data, a music research company associated with Billboard magazine reports that overall music consumption grew 11.3% during 2021, due to continued growth in audio streaming
"There's a growing market of buyers: Public and private funds have been obtaining music royalty rights and selling them to investors, many drawn to the income these funds may provide, with potentially low correlations to other financial assets. Investors spent more than $5 billion on music-rights acquisitions in 2021 alone", Stated in article published by Morgan Stanley Selling Your Music Catalog: 5 Questions to Ask | Morgan Stanley,
The 2010s saw an upsurge in music catalog acquisitions, a trend that only accelerated into the 2020s. Describing this "catalog acquisition frenzy," a January 2021 Rolling Stone Magazine article observed that even investment and management firms and Wall Street companies had entered into the music business by buying rights to famous musicians' creative works, Music Catalogs Are Selling for Serious Cash. Now Wall Street Wants In - Rolling Stone)
"Right now, the gorillas in this jungle include Larry Mestel's Primary Wave and Merck Mercuriadis's Hipgnosis Songs Fund, two investment and management firms: in 2021 alone, the latter company acquired copyrights and/or income streams from Neil Young, Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac, Shakira, and Jimmy Iovine," reads the article. This isn't the first time in recent memory that Wall Street mammoths have gotten involved in the inner workings of the music business," the article continues. "In 2016, BlackRock (a company with $7.8 trillion in assets under management) led a $300 million investment into Primary Wave - money that was subsequently spent on legendary music catalogs like Bob Marley's."
Master recordings earn revenue through various avenues, namely sampling, streaming and purchases/downloads, public broadcast, and use in television, film, and commercials. Secondly and according to a 2020 Variety Magazine article, "Publishing assets are currently running at multiples well over 12 with master rights slightly lower but increasing in value… In five to 10 years, it might be 20x - the value continues to rise" Scooter Braun Sells Taylor Swift's Big Machine Masters for Big Payday - Variety
With a fair value of about $146 million as of December 31, 2019, according to an intangible asset valuation prepared by Sun Business Valuation and available on the HWAL's website www.hollywall.com, Hollywall's master recordings are believed to only be bound to increase in value as time progresses, positioning HWAL for growth well into the future.
Led by Chairman and CEO Darnell Sutton, who brings years of experience as well as numerous talents as a seasoned professional within the music recording, television production and broadcasting, sports and music celebrity management, and film distribution segments, Hollywall is favorably poised as one of the entertainment industry's most exciting companies.
About Hollywall Entertainment, Inc.

Hollywall Entertainment, Inc. (OTC:HWAL) is a telecommunications, infrastructure, technology, media, entertainment and broadcasting company that operates through its various subsidiaries, including Hollywall Development Company (HWDC), HW Vision and HW Latlong, and multiple divisions to include HW School of Communications, Hollywall Music, Hollywall TV, Hollywall Sports, HW Productions, HW Networks, HWRadio, HWGOV and The Hollywall Foundation. HWAL continues to maximize rights to its music, film, television, home videos and software game libraries. Hollywall owns exclusive and nonexclusive rights to market, manufacture and distribute music master recordings performed by legends such as Ray Charles, Ella Fitzgerald, The Jackson 5, Frank Sinatra, Dolly Parton, Elvis Presley, Tony Bennett, The Bee Gees, Chicago, The Platters, George Gershwin, Marvin Gaye, James Brown, The Who, Janis Joplin, Rolling Stones, Nat King Cole, John Lee Hooker, Willie Nelson, Rod Stewart, Hall and Oates, James Taylor, Etta James, Aretha Franklin, and other multiple-platinum-selling acts. Learn more at www.hollywall.com.
HWDC is working to restore and create "smart" cities/communities and fiber networks throughout the U.S. HWDC services, initiatives and investments include broadband and 5G networks, IOT, smart city technologies, energy, tele-medicine, tele-education, transportation, clean water, waste management and the development of green environments.
Some of HWAL initiatives include:
Designing, engineering, constructing, operating, and providing 5G infrastructure, Rural and Urban Wireless and Broadband Telecommunications Network Infrastructure,
Fostering, developing, and implementing entrepreneurial and economic development opportunities for minority business enterprises (MBEs),
Working in partnership with Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and Tribal Colleges and Universities (TCUs) to solve the challenges of deploying broadband in vulnerable communities, and
The installation of Rural Broadband Connectivity throughout agriculturally-rich communities ensures farmers can maintain and increase sustainable practices using digital tools, among other initiatives of the Company.
This press release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended (the "Exchange Act"), and, as such, may involve risks and uncertainties. These forward-looking statements relate to, amongst other things, current expectation of the business environment in which the company operates, potential future performance, projections of future performance and the perceived opportunities in the market. The company's actual performance, results and achievements may differ materially from those expressed or implied in such forward-looking statements as a result of a wide range of factors.
Hollywall Entertainment, Inc.
[email protected]
Corporate Communications:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hollywalltv
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HWAL.Hollywall
Twitter: https://twitter.com/theHollywall
SOURCE: Hollywall Entertainment Inc.

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