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'I Just Use Bluetooth to Stream Apple Music in My Tesla' Says Musk - iPhone in Canada

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When asked if Tesla will ever implement a native Apple Music app inside the company’s vehicles during an interview with Tesla Owners Silicon Valley, CEO Elon Musk said he simply uses Bluetooth to stream Apple Music in his car (via Tesla North).
Apple music tesla elon musk
“I am one of the rare people who use Apple Music and Spotify. I just use Apple Music through Bluetooth,” noted Musk, as the group asked him that a lot of fans and owners want to know about native Apple Music support coming to Tesla.
“What are we looking for here?”, Musk said after a pause, to which laughter ensues by the hosts.
“Doesn’t that bother you?” replies the group. Musk then says, “I mean the sound quality…we can definitely improve the Bluetooth data rate, if that’s the bottleneck we’re talking about.”
While Tesla’s in-car infotainment supports apps from Tidal and Spotify, to allow for easy streaming of music after logging into your credentials, Apple Music is notably absent.
Musk appears to be trying to avoid the topic altogether during the interview, suggesting a collaboration with Apple might be coming sooner than expected.
You can catch the latest part of the Musk interview here.

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