Ingrooves Music Group Patents New Technology Designed To Predict Streaming Trends - CelebrityAccess - CelebrityAccess ENCORE
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Ingrooves Music Group Patents New Technology Designed To Predict Streaming Trends - CelebrityAccess - CelebrityAccess ENCORE

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LOS ANGELES (CelebrityAccess) — Music marketing and distribution company Ingrooves Music Group announced it has secured a third patent for technology that helps artists sustain existing fans and reach new ones on today’s increasingly crowded music streaming services.
The new patent, titled Artificial Intelligence Prediction of High-Value Social Media Audience Behavior for Marketing Campaigns, leverages Ingrooves opportunity detection technology for use on short form video platforms such as TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram Reels.
The technology and the data it collects will allow artists and labels to spot early trends in user generated content that will be likely show opportunities for traction on traditional streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music.
According to Ingrooves, the newly patented technology allows the identification of trends before tracks start to generate significant streaming traffic, offering extended opportunities for marketing initiatives.
“Our global music analytics teams, led by Dr. SK Sharma, are at the forefront of creating AI & ML innovations to power an entirely new way of marketing music,” said JT Myers, Co-CEO, Virgin Music Group, the parent company of Ingrooves. “These patented breakthroughs enable marketers to navigate through the noise and a sea of data to find new opportunities to increase streaming and build long-term fans in ways never before possible,” adds Nat Pastor, Co-CEO, Virgin Music Group.
“We are innovating to address two of the most important challenges artists and labels face in the music industry – getting their music heard and building loyal fan bases. With this invention we are taking the guesswork out of which UGC-driven events have the most potential to be powerful growth moments for marketers to act on. Our rigorously quantitative and highly scalable methods drive results that are both attributable and verifiable,” said Dr. SK Sharma, Ingrooves’ Chief Analytics and AI Officer. “As always, we thank Sir Lucian Grainge and Boyd Muir for their longstanding dedication to innovation and supporting the entrepreneurial spirit necessary to expand beyond the current concept of music marketing.”
In a case study cited by Ingrooves, the new technology spotted a surge in TikTok views for the group Los Lara’s track “Fumando Mota” and predicted growth for the song on streaming platforms. Los Sera’s marketing team developed a marketing campaign to capture fans who were curious about the band music from TikTok videos. According to Ingrooves, the campaign resulted in a significant uptick in active listeners, catalog streams, as well as listenership for the original song, which has now been streamed more than 80 million times on Spotify.
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