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Lord Waya Takes The Music Industry By Storm - Fox Interviewer

Waya’s influencers growing up were 2 Pac Easy E 50 Cent and A$AP Rocky. Waya created his own lane and wants people to know they don’t have to sound like everyone else or copy and paste in order to make it in music. Lord Waya always stays true to his art and craft and is always thinking of new ways to be creative. Some of Waya’s sayings is Toast to the lords and No Peasants In The Palace. Toast to the lords means congratulations or to compliment someone on an achievement or success and No Peasants In The Palace means to keep all the negativity and bad things away such as bad drugs and people. You can find Lord Waya on streaming platforms and social media platforms. Join the Kingdom !!! Lord Waya American Rapper from Rochester NY has been doing music for 4 1/2 years. Waya has always been into music as a young child and uses his art and craft to entertain and give his fans and the people who look up to his confidence. Waya wants to be the leader and or the Lord to guide and give people the voice to believe they can do anything they put their minds to and to never give up. Toast to the Lords!! No Peasants In The Palace!! Waya brings originality to the music world because he believes that you don’t have to be like anyone else to be unique or creative. If you stay true to yourself you will see results, just stay consistent and driven, and all the hard work will pay off.
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