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Method Man, Intercept build global platform for indie labels, musicians -

Fueled by disruption, Intercept Music accelerates the independent creator economy through artistic empowerment.

Indie Spotlight by Intercept Music via A2IM

Intercept Music, a revolutionary technology platform expressly created for independent labels and musical artists who seek creative solutions to their financial future, recently launched its worldwide digital distribution platform in partnership with iconic entertainer Method Man.  By forging a powerful partnership, Intercept Music and Method Man underscore the value and importance of artistic emancipation in today’s creator economy. 
Founded by veteran music and tech industry heavyweights, Intercept’s Music team has helped artists earn over 100 Grammys and hundreds of notable industry awards. Intercept’s marriage of music and tech builds a dynamic digital stage for independent labels and emerging artists by providing new power tools to distribute music directly to the masses and major streaming platforms. 
Intercept Music gives artists and their labels immediate access to hundreds of digital stores and every major streaming platform, including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Pandora, and YouTube Music. In addition, Intercept Music’s powerful, proprietary social media marketing and promotional software creates an effective communication channel for promoting music, merch, and performances.
The company’s fully managed advertising, promotional services, and the opportunity to sell merchandise through branded online stores gives independent labels all the revenue-generating tools of any major label, bar none.
“This is a magic milestone for Intercept Music. After years of conception, working closely with artists to fine-tune our suite of innovative service offerings, we are proud to deliver a revolutionary technology platform expressly created for independents. Method Man is a global icon and the living embodiment of ‘independence empowered.’ With the rise of creators who seek creative solutions to their financial futures, I can think of no better partner to launch our enterprise, which is focused on advanced technologies for the entertainment industry. We’re excited about what we will achieve together while arming indie artists and labels with new power tools to achieve their wildest artistic ambitions,” said Tod Turner, CEO of Intercept Music
“This is a magic milestone for Intercept Music. After years of conception, working closely with artists to fine-tune our suite of innovative service offerings, we are proud to deliver a revolutionary technology platform expressly created for independents.”Tod Turner, CEO of Intercept MusicTweet
Intercept Music empowers artists and labels alike with bespoke data intelligence, and marketing to maximize creative and economic potential. With decades of experience and a dozen software patents for technology constructed into products like Skype, Intercept has built a home for independent artists and bands.  Potent Intercept Music partnerships include Ingrooves Music Group, What’s In-Store Music, Rocket Songs, Amped Distribution, Nifter, Nerve – the Banking App for Music Creators, A2IM – American Association of Independent Music, and many more.
Intercept Music unshackles monetization opportunities with leading digital music aggregators and empowers through effective analytics. From the boombox to your Beats, Intercept provides a superior suite of products designed to arm, issue, and accelerate creative advancement so independents can keep 100% of their rights and masters.
A potent partner in artistic proclamation, Intercept Music rewards independence with monthly revenue payments—access royalty earnings in real-time with no hidden fees and 100% artist-maintained ownership. TALK, CHAT or EMAIL with REAL PEOPLE!
“I am so honored to be a part of these revolutionary times as independence take center stage. Our goal at Intercept Music is to give voice to emerging and established artists and labels by providing the tools they need to succeed.” - Ralph Tashjian, Chairman, Intercept Music
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