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People Online Call Out Erica Banks For Copying Megan Thee Stallion - The Shade Room

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BY China Lovelace
Nothing gets past the folks on Twitter! Erica Banks is being called out and receiving backlash for seemingly copying Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘Thot S**t’ music video. This happened after the Dallas native shared a teaser for her music video, ‘Do It,’ which samples Khia’s 2001 hit, ‘My Neck, My Back.’ Although the video doesn’t drop until tomorrow, that teaser was enough for people to notice similarities.
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One person tweeted, “It’s like sick how bad Erica banks copy Meg.”
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While the conversation started on Twitter, it didn’t end there. Several Roommates added their two cents and mentioned that Megan wasn’t the only rapper who did a surgery-themed video. “Dream Doll did this before both of them,” wrote. If you recall, in 2018, Dream dropped her EP, ‘Life In Plastic 2,’ which had her dressed as a surgeon performing surgery on herself.
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The surgery theme in music videos reached beyond Dream, Megan, and Erica. Sukihana also used the theme in her March 2021 music video ‘Food Stamp H*e’ featuring Saucy Santana. In the song, she raps,
“You put your hands all in yo’ pockets, Then you pull out that wallet. Tell that ni**a stop flossin’. You know this pu**y costly. Want it dripping like a faucet? You got to make deposits. Tell that ni**a don’t be scared.”
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None of the rap girls have responded to the comments made about the surgery theme. Roommates, do you think Erica copied Megan, or is it a coincidence?
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